– Expose unfair PBM practices, such as audits, MAC Payments, limited/preferred networks, mail order requirements through a mass action1 lawsuit

– Change the way PBMs currently operate (without any oversight)

– Expose PBM activities to their client base (plan sponsors)

– Focus attention on a single, large PBM

– Minimize individual pharmacies legal costs by using the mass action process


– PUNCH LLC was formed for the purpose of handling, and has been specifically retained by private counsel to handle, the administrative components of the mass action lawsuit.  In that respect, PUNCH LLC will be working with the law firm, Williams Cuker Berezofsky.

– While PARD is initiating this endeavor, PUNCH will be an entity owned and controlled by its members.

– PUNCH will work in collaboration with state pharmacy associations, Group Purchasing Organizations and others.  Membership is open to all independently owned pharmacies in the United States.

– PUNCH will not retain any funds beyond what is necessary to fulfill administrative duties.

– Unlike a class action lawsuit, this is a mass action lawsuit which means that each pharmacy directly participates in its own name and shares in the benefit.

– Pharmacies that do NOT participate will NOT be entitled to share in any resulting benefits.


Learn More:

If you’re not ready to join the mass action lawsuit, but would like to learn more:

– Contact Mel Brodsky at 215-464-9890 or melb@pardrx.com for more information